Photos 2014

Here is a selection of photos from 2014:-

Here are some photos taken at the 2014 Craft and Produce day.

2014CandP-DSC_5424 2014CandP-DSC_5419 2014CandP-DSC_5416 2014CandP-DSC_5413 2014CandP-DSC_5409 2014CandP-DSC_5407 2014CandP-DSC_5406 2014CandP-DSC_5405 2014CandP-DSC_5404 2014CandP-DSC_5403 2014CandP-DSC_5399 2014CandP-DSC_5397 2014CandP-DSC_5395 2014CandP-DSC_5389


Here are some photos taken on 2014 Feast Day. The weather was bad – for the first time, we had to move the events from the Market Square to the Community Centre.


2014Feast-DSC_5494 2014Feast-DSC_5496 2014Feast-DSC_5501 2014Feast-DSC_5502 2014Feast-DSC_5505 2014Feast-DSC_5513 2014Feast-DSC_5515 2014Feast-DSC_5524 2014Feast-DSC_5526 2014Feast-DSC_5531 2014Feast-DSC_5549 2014Feast-DSC_5550 2014Feast-DSC_5552 2014Feast-DSC_5559 2014Feast-DSC_5563 2014Feast-DSC_5565 2014Feast-DSC_5568 2014Feast-DSC_5572 2014Feast-DSC_5578 2014Feast-DSC_5580 2014Feast-DSC_5581 2014Feast-DSC_5582 2014Feast-DSC_5589 2014Feast-DSC_5617